The city of Chefchaouen is an essential part of any visit to northern Morocco. Explore the “blue pearl” of the Rif Mountains on a full day tour from Tangier to Chefchaouen and discover the exotic alleys of this amazing city. Stroll through the compact medina, whose streets are painted in a distinct palette of blue and white, and go see the thriving market where unique Riffian craftsmanship is sold. Discover the atmosphere of the 18th century Kasbah and take your time in the lively cafes of the main square. Stroll through the city’s well-preserved mellah, once the home of a Jewish community.



    Located high in the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is a beautiful Medina with blue and white walls that was previously a Berber station. Established in 1471 by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami, it is now practically a ruin and next to it is the great mosque. Chefchaouen was a Moorish fortress for the exiles of Spain. Over the centuries, the city has grown to include Jewish and Christian converts. The main square is considered the heart of Chefchaouen with the Kasbah built in the 18th century, the central mosque and cafes with original menus of Moroccan style. The market is full of traditional Moroccan and tourist souvenirs. The medina is small and the city is easy to explore, so you can walk to the main square and the souks that sell a range of products .